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Noon Years Eve 2020!

Half way into January and we're still recovering from all the fun we had at our noon years eve celebration!

Adults and children alike enjoyed the many activities from building bridges and cars at the Stem Center, to the Big Blue Blocks, to using a straw to have pinecone wars across the tables! Don't forget the cookie decorating and experiment! It was for sure a morning filled with fun!

We planned, we set up and finally the morning was here!

Our many wonderful volunteers showed up early to make sure everything was set and ready to go. At 10 am, families were pouring in the door, ready to play! The day started by checking in, and getting your stamp card! Every child had 8 stations to visit, where they could create, play or race to earn a stamp.

Their first stamp was earned by guessing the number of pinecones inside this jar. Leyna J was the winner guessing the EXACT amount, and she went home with a new stomp rocket!

From there on kids could choose which station they'd like to explore next, they quickly noticed a theme throughout the event! PINECONES! Pine cone stamping, and glittery pinecone ornaments! Of course paint and glitter are always a hit, so the children (and even some grownups) had no problem being creative and making beautiful and unique pictures and earning a stamp for their creations!

Balancing pinecones and the very funny pinecone straw battles were the games that earned two more stamps toward their complete stampcard! If you ever need a good laugh or a party game- grab some straws and whatever lightweight object you have around and have a war to see who can blow the object off the other side of the table first! You will enjoy some friendly competition and some serious ab workouts from the laughing. Everyone had a blast at these two stations.

This challenge was to see how many pinecones you could balance on your spoon while walking through the maze, without dropping any of course. The record was SEVEN!

Next up was the Stem Station! These tables were packed with families trying to master the art of STEM! They made structures, vehicles, towers, and robots. Interlocking pieces and balancing shapes and colors.. The creativity really shined through this station... while the next station just shined through messy fingers and sweet sticky frosting.

Cookie decoration is a MUST at the Noon Years Eve Celebration!

Last up on the stamp card was PiNeCoNe TiMe!!

We learned all about pinecones and what their purpose is! Did you know- when a pinecone gets wet it closes up tight so the seed stays safe until its time to leave? We did an experiment right there during our celebration and watched a big pinecone be put into a jar of water and in 10 minutes it was closed up small.

We challenged parents and kids to go home and test out the project themselves (did you?)

Pottstown Children's Discovery Center's hard working leader read a couple books to the group of gathered children. The kids loved listening, learning, answering questions and telling their own thoughts nature and pinecones. We had a smart bunch of kiddos with us!

After a couple hours of all sorts of fun and learning, including the Big Blue Blocks, and some snacks- the children got to exchange their completed stamp card in for a noise maker!! The countdown was coming and they were prepared to be LOUD, celebrating the new year coming!

The anticipation was building! They were ready! The countdown began... 10... 9 ...8 ...7 ...6 ...5 ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1!!!!!!!!

And as you can probably imagine.... the result of a room full of kids and a ton of balloons falling from the ceiling...


This awesome day couldn't have happened without The Coventry Mall and their generosity of this awesome space! We are so thankful! To our committed volunteers who made this event (and many other events) run smoothly -- thank you!! We love you! It was a wonderful day, we had a blast and from the looks of the smiles on everyones faces and the laughter- they did too!

Check back for details about our coming events!! We have lots of potential happenings in the works!

We hope this year is full of peace, and joy, learning and laughter! We can't wait to see you again! Happy New Year!

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