Where are you located?

We don't have a permanent location YET. We have a plan in the works for a building in Downtown Pottstown. We will shout from the rooftops once the location in secured! Until then, we will have pop-up events for children located around town in different locations. Keep an eye out on Facebook and our Website for specific information.

When are you opening?

Once enough funding is secured and the building is finalized we will begin to design and outfit the discovery center! Our estimated opening will be early 2022!

What ages will the Discovery Center be geared toward?

Our opening plans for the Discovery Center will be for ages 2-10. We also plan on expanding in the future to older children, with a maker space, building area.

Will there be memberships?

Yes! Memberships will range from $110-$150 a year, depending on the type of membership.

How can I help?

1.) Tell everyone you know, and get excited! 2.) Donate! Opening a discovery center is not a cheap project. We want to offer the best we can to your children and every dollar donated goes directly to PCDC exhibit and operating expenses! 3.) Volunteer! Joining a committee to participate in fundraising, planning events, use your skills to help further this project! Volunteers will be in great need once a building is secured and in need of paint/renovation. Contact us to learn more about how YOU can help!