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In 2017, Pottstown Children's Discovery Center (PCDC) was the dream of one person.  As that person told another and another, it became obvious the community wanted and believed a children's museum was a perfect idea for Pottstown.  A small leadership group was formed, and the initial dreamer obtained a planning grant from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation to join and attend the Association of Children's Museums conference, present community events, and fund a feasibility study.

PCDC strives to provide an educational, hands-on, interactive atmosphere promoting healthy living for children, families and schools by stimulating curiosity and motivating learning.  All children learn through hands-on interactive experiences.  These experiences enhance social/emotional growth by exposing children to interactions such as collaboration, exploration, and self-control which lead to critical/creative thinking, self-confidence, and healthy communication skills.

Throughout the pandemic we have rolled with the punches. We've been providing families with activity kits, each a different theme and each full of all the supplies needed for 4 or more activities. Many kits even included a book! Thanks to our many sponsors and encouragers along the way!

As of 2022, PCDC has a board of nine people who are working to find funding, plan exhibits for the discovery center and plan fun and educational events for the children in our communities. We have acquired a building in downtown Pottstown and have been collaborating with many local businesses and organizations including Montgomery County Community College's Pottstown Campus! We are so excited for what is to come later this year!!

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