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Discovery Theater Stage

Learn more about the history of PCDC!

Beth Has an Idea

Together we are unified by our commitment to the healthy development of children in Pottstown and the surrounding regions. We know that children learn best when their inner circle includes unique perspectives and diverse personalities. That’s why we strive to create experiences that reflect the community we serve. We seek to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equal organization and to craft experiences – and ultimately a museum – that embraces and celebrates the backgrounds of the children and families in our community.


80% of our guest facing staff and volunteers are trained through the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).


Exhibits will be professionally inspected and labeled with sensory triggers and best ways for children to interact with the exhibits.


A quiet/sensory space will be available. 

Founding 50 Logo

Learn more about our Founding 50, along with some businesses that have made a mark on PCDC!

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