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Here's a sneak peek at a few of our exhibits!

Discovery Theater

Discovery Theater Stage
Discovery Theater Closet

Bring on the Imagination.

In the Discovery Theater, you can be whoever you want to be! 
A zebra, a princess, a knight in a castle or an astronaut going to Mars!
Create and put on skits for all who will watch!

Barn to Belly

Barn to Belly Garden
Barn to Belly Food Truck

In this exhibit, learn all about where your food starts. 
Grow veggies in the garden, 
Care for the animals, 
Fish in the pond,
Get honey from the bees!
After you’ve raised all the things, sell them at the market and cook them in the Food Truck Kitchen!

Putt Putt Factory

Putt Putt Factory Logo

In Putt Putt Factory, follow the steps to build your car! 
Take a ride on the track, and when you’re all done, send your car through the car wash and down the chute to be disassembled.

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