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Thankful in 2019

On our Facebook page, we participated in the 30 day Thankfulness Challenge where we picked one thing we were thankful for each day. There's a lot to be thankful for in life! In case you missed it, here is each day's entry:

Day 1: Thankful for Pottstown - the perfect spot for a children's museum

Day 2: Thankful for beautiful sunny Saturdays to spend relaxing with friends and family

Day 3: Thankful for an extra hour of sleep

Day 4: Thankful for Dana Corporation who bought the Big Blue Blocks for PCDC - giving us our first official exhibit

Day 5: Thankful for our local elected leader's support of our mission, to bring a hands-on museum to the children of Pottstown

Day 6: Thankful for fall days that can be spent carving pumpkins, jumping in leaves, and soaking in the crisp air before winter

Day 7: Thankful for funny memes

Day 8: Thankful for helpful techy people who are willing to share their knowledge and help us move PCDC forward

Day 9: Thankful for all the yummy Pottstown restaurants that give us many options for dinner on a Saturday night

Day 10: Thankful for Pottstown businesses who are helpful, friendly, genuine, honest, and help PCDC continue moving forward

Day 11: Thankful for our Veterans! "For kids, especially the young ones, Veterans Day might not seem like much more than a day off from school." Check out this article on how you can explain Veterans day to the little ones in your life

Day 12: Thankful for Pinterest and all the great holiday crafts! Some construction + paper + scissors + glue + markers = occupied kids

Day 13: Thankful for people like Mr. Rogers, who can see the good in the world and in our children #worldkindnessday

Day 14: Thankful for cool experiences we've had because of PCDC. Today we got to spend time hanging out with some Penn State architecture students

Day 15: Thankful for our Facebook followers! You guys rock

Day 16: Thankful for our current & future founding 50 members! The first financial contributors to our mission! We appreciate you

Day 17: Thankful for the Pottstown Health & Wellness Foundation because of their support of PCDC & many other great Pottstown organizations

Day 18: Thankful for children's books

Day 19: Thankful for cozy blankets and socks

Day 20: Thankful for educational TV shows. Sometimes ya just wanna be a couch potato. Why not learn something at the same time

Day 21: Thankful for mild days to play outside all day, have fires, smores, and just enjoying the outside

Day 22: Thankful for the Pottstown Kids! THEY are our inspiration

Day 23: Thankful for teachers, administrators, custodians, and ALL the people that choose to spend their lives teaching our kids

Day 24: Thankful for Sunday afternoon football games. People cheering on their teams, fun rivalry, and of course the food

Day 25: Thankful for friends who remind you to pull your turkey out of the freezer so it's thawed by Thanksgiving

Day 26: Thankful for hot tea, blankets, medicine, and rest for when we aren't feeling 100%

Day 27: Thankful for the holiday weekend that's ahead to spend time with family and friends

Day 28: Happy Thanksgiving! Be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine...but most of all - be THANKFUL

Day 29: Thankful for our families

Day 30: Thankful for the brisk air and the anticipation of Christmas

We hope you agree - there was a lot to be thankful for this month! What are YOU most thankful for in this season?

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